Our service areas

Safety and emergency rescue

 We pay attention to the production, packaging, transportation, storage and application of bromide all over the world, and are always ready for the safety hidden danger of bromide, in order to deal with the disaster and harm that bromide brings to society, enterprises and individuals as a dangerous chemical and easy to manufacture drugs!

Electrical manufacturing industry 

We started from the extraction of basic raw material bromine to flame retardant production, through technical research and development and reprocessing into engineering materials with excellent functions, applied to home appliance manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, high-speed rail, aerospace and other fields.

Animal and Plant Conservation industry 

We produce fine chemical intermediates, which are processed into fungicides, insecticides and herbicides according to different needs of customers and applied to planting, animal husbandry, aquaculture and other major agricultural fields, so as to give back to nature and make the world more vibrant and dynamic.

Healthcare industry

 The progress of science and technology has brought more choices to our life. We pay attention to health care, nursing, daily chemical, home, medical and other industries, and start from private nursing to gradually solve consumers' health problems, so as to ensure People's Daily life quality.

Chemical building materials Industry 

The flame retardants produced by our company are applied in the fields of external wall insulation materials, engineering plastics profiles, coatings, cables, pipelines, etc., which can prevent the occurrence of fire, reduce the damage caused by fire to the society, and truly protect people's property safety.

Communication electronics industry 

The new polymer modified materials developed by us are used everywhere in mobile phones, computers, laptops and mobile communication equipment. We strive to make our customers' products more beautiful, more environmentally friendly, safer and cheaper.


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