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Yingli shares was established in December 2009, with annual sales of more than 1.2 billion yuan

Yingli shares was established in December 2009; Headquartered in Zhangjiang Science and Technology Park, Jiading District, Shanghai; The company began to focus on the integration of bromine and downstream industrial chains. Its business development covers the production and sales of basic raw materials, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dye intermediates, rubber, plastics, paint additives, disinfection and sterilization health care products and new polymer composite materials, and provides supporting supply services for medical, agriculture, construction, household appliances, electronics, communications, automobiles and other related industries. Its branches are located in Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Guangzhou Lianyungang, Weifang, Tacheng, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, London, Africa and Ghana, with annual sales of more than 1.2 billion yuan.

Scientific Research Strength

Yingli takes scientific research and development as its core competitiveness for long-term developme...

The company has set up a large research and development base of 3000 square meters in Xuhang Park, Zhangjiang High-tech Park, Shanghai, and Weifang Academy of Blue Science and Technology, focusing on the development of fine chemical application technology and polymer application technology, creating a C-end application technology platform, and realizing the integration of research and development, pilot test, and expansion of the experimental platform. The company adopts open talent database management, and accumulates more than 10000 R&D personnel at home and abroad, Realize the sharing and development cooperation mode on the platform. Yingli shares scientific research and development as the core competitiveness of long-term development, and constantly innovate and practice.

Service Trade

Only Chemical - Multifaceted Services

1. Medicine, pesticide, dye intermediates, plastics, rubber, paint additives;

2. Production and sales of disinfection and sterilization health care products;

3. Production and sales of polymer composites;

4. Storage/turnover of bromine and other hazardous chemicals, inspection, maintenance, certification and cleaning of international marine transport containers;

5. The downstream related products of bromine are entrusted to OEM for processing;

6. Acting as an agent for the domestic distribution of foreign bromine and related products;


Research Team