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With CNAS laboratory accreditation standard test center, focus on the application of fine chemicals technology development and application of polymer technology development, research and development center team innovation actively, obtain a number of projects in Shanghai and industrialization development funds to support, r&d team focus on consumer application end product research and development, with gas from the United States, Japan, liquid chromatograph, light PuYi, infrared detector, such as gc instrument imported testing equipment, with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai university, Hong Kong university, university of * *, and many other well-known colleges and universities cooperation, increasing spending on research and developmentAt present, 211 product formulations have been approved certificates and archival documents, ranking the forefront of the development of the industry.

research personnel

Company technology research and development team is made up of 40 core members, research and development of two general, respectively in fine chemicals fields used as polymer, has 20 years of experience, research and development of research and development center is divided into a, research and development, research and development of three, six technical engineers, analysis engineers 10, 22, process engineer team with professional analysis of the detection ability of r&d center, formula reverse research and development ability, the secondary research and development innovation ability, can meet the diverse needs of manufacturing customers.

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Research Team