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Potassium chloride cold or potassium sulfate hot or not


A few days ago after the blizzard, Harbin winter is more than a day cold, unavoidably let a person envy from the south is still about 20 degrees of warmth.As drinking water, hot and cold self - knowledge.But this fertilizer market quotation is a little confusing however, recently potassium chloride seems to rise motionless, potassium sulphate rises again however, is this to want inflection point again?

Is the sound of bad market of potassium chloride expanding gradually?In fact, this is not quite accurate, because it is not to see the good degree, and just dare not see or see other better.This point is even combined with factors at the end of the year.On the one hand, the end of the year, there are all kinds of book, such as loans, impact performance, also do hair welfare needs, on the other hand, the potassium chloride has been gained for four months, the biggest gain of four hundred yuan, the overall price is higher than apparent contract costs about three hundred yuan, so some people don't need to appropriate more selling points out, some people think it is time to accept, too, some people look to transfer for other better opportunity, so the recent low price range in the local port market supply of goods.

In the eyes of a lot of industry, it seems that the supply of goods has become more, the price also seems to have fallen a little, so there is gradually some pessimistic atmosphere.In fact, this phenomenon and sentiment is mainly reflected in the port market, the author believes that this time is only a temporary market consolidation, should not directly form the trend of price reduction.In the past, the price reduction started from border trade. However, although the import volume of border trade has recovered significantly this year, the sales have not encountered much pressure, and the price has been in the process of catching up with the rise, instead of dragging it down.Domestic potassium is a change in the early passive attitude, because of relatively low and tight supply, leading to the downstream more lack of more grab, rumor in December salt lake new price will continue to increase, in the past to see salt lake price re-pricing small factories have been raised in advance.On the demand of it, although many users have potassium chloride raw materials prepared by 2, in March next year, but there are a lot of small hands still no raw material, and want to take advantage of foreign domestic market prices and exchange rate changes to raising large contract price to pull up the possibility of global price of potassium chloride is very large, old large amount of import potassium the arrival of the goods under the contract of gradually reduce, the port has also been gradually decline.Taken together, this brief consolidation is an opportunity for downstream purchases to be urgently needed or properly replenished. If you wait too long, you may have to wait for the rally to resume.

From majestic to consolidation, of course, also illustrates the potassium chloride price rise may have almost finished this round, xinda contract negotiations we must also be in Hong Kong and seek a balance between domestic and international prices and so on various factors, and try to impress a continue to depression, so pay attention to, the authors say is replenishment opportunities, is not the opportunity to stock up.

With the performance of potassium chloride is different, the price of potassium sulfate is almost the whole rise recently, especially potassium luo nearly two weeks consecutive rise 100 yuan, so that part of the mannheim manufacturers also tentatively up to shout a little more.However, it seems a little inaccurate to say that the potassium sulphate market has turned weak to strong trend.The author thinks the potassium sulfate market should only improve.First of all, the supply of water and salt system is tight, but the supply of potassium sulfate as a whole is not tight, so the price of potassium sulfate as a whole only reduces the risk of low price of potassium sulfate as a whole.Secondly, the operation rate of Mannheim industry has been high for a long time. Although there is no inventory now, the demand itself is not bright. Coupled with the threat of new production capacity in next spring, the overall supply and demand is relatively balanced and not tight.Third, the price of potassium chloride has approached the peak, the byproduct of hydrochloric acid market overall good in previous years, potassium sulfate cost pressure is not absolute.So although the market situation of potassium sulphate is improving, it is not certain that it can reproduce the brilliance of the second quarter of this year.

Potassium chloride is neither cold nor hot, and potassium sulfate is neither hot nor hot. For the time being, it is suggested that the downstream should purchase mainly on demand.As for the seller, potassium chloride is the new contract weight in the heavy, potassium sulfate is the hand is single again capricious.

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